"We provide State of the Art Tech for Hull Cleaning with guaranteed results"

Diving Company in Mauritius

Dive Solutions (Mauritius) is a provider of underwater inspection, hull cleaning and propeller polishing services using state of the art and eco-friendly technology.

Hull Cleaning

Dive Solutions offers hull cleaning and hull inspection services to remove biological roughness or fouling from vessels to achieve a smooth hull surface and enable your vessel to recuperate its performance and speed.

Specialised Propeller Husbandry (Reclaim System)

Our team has carried out a vast amount of propeller polishing. Our services in this domain are of guaranteed quality and efficiency.

CCTV Survey (General Condition, Purchase or Sale, Fouling)

Our skilful divers at Dive Solutions help to perform a qualitative inspection of the underwater parts of the ship without docking and the divers' work is monitored from the surface as well the contact with them.

Photographic Survey

Our team of divers at Dive Solutions is qualified for photographic survey and other similar situations which are recurrent.

Rope Removal

We, as a commercial diving company in Mauritius with the help of our divers we offer the service of rope removal at Port Louis in the most effecctive way.

Blanking of sea chests/ plugging of intlet or overboard discharge assist in inbound repairs

Our experienced team carries out the plugging of sea-chests in order to carry out internal repairs needed in the sea chests, such as changing faulty valves, bathometer, etc.

We master the principles of underwater work.

From hull cleaning to general propeller husbandry, our services are performed to world-class standards.

The Twister Technology

The company has actively contributed in the development of the Twister Hull Cleaning machine which offers unparalleled level of efficiency for the cleaning of ship hulls and the treating of the effluent fouling. The technology has been developed, tested and approved for use by the South African and more lately Mauritian authorities. Similar technologies can also be found to be in use in Australia and Canada.

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Our services is currently fully available on order. We work closely with shipping agents in Mauritius through which the booking of our services may be done.

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